Adoption Attorney Services

Choosing to adopt is a big decision — and you want to ensure it is done right. That is the role of an adoption attorney.

Why Do You Need an Adoption Attorney?

An experienced attorney practicing adoption law exclusively offers you a high level of focused expertise. This support can be vital.

From understanding the adoption process to knowing the laws and representing you in court, an attorney can give you greater peace of mind and confidence.

What Services Does the Law Office of Tammi J. Driver Provide?

  • Explain and help you throughout the adoption process.
  • Counsel you about Florida adoption laws.
  • Provide guidance for your specific situation.
  • Facilitate private, agency, interstate, LGBT, stepparent, relative, foster and adult adoptions.
  • Describe the steps and set your expectations for a home study.
  • Prepare and file legal paperwork.
  • Represent you in necessary hearings.

How Much Does an Adoption Attorney Cost?

I am dedicated to making adoption affordable. I typically offer flat fees for uncontested adoptions, so you will know exactly how much your adoption will cost.

I also accept credit cards and am willing to work out payment plans when necessary. Furthermore, I can recommend a tax professional and resources for learning about the federal adoption tax credit.

Why Choose the Law Office of Tammi J. Driver?

I have over 25 years of experience advocating for children and families as a therapist and an attorney. I am a Fellow of the prestigious Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys and am Board Certified in adoption law by The Florida Bar.

I am also a licensed mental health counselor who has extensive experience working with expectant, birth, and adoptive parents, and adoption agencies. Because of my specialized legal knowledge, counseling background, and adoption experience, I offer invaluable skills in managing the legal and emotional complexities involved in an adoption.