Pregnancy Medical Expense Assistance for Birth Mothers

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, one of your questions may be — if I choose adoption, is there assistance available to me for my medical expenses?

If you are not already receiving prenatal care, which is a specific type of care you receive when you are pregnant, my firm can help you get started. Also, if you are not already insured by Medicaid, our office can help you apply. If you have private insurance, the prospective adoptive parents are allowed to pay for medical expenses not covered by your private insurance.

Florida adoption laws allow prospective adoptive parents to help an expectant mother with medical and living expenses during her pregnancy and up to six weeks postpartum. The expenses must be reasonable and necessary, and the court must approve them if they are over a certain amount.

Medical care during your pregnancy is critical. Benefits of proper prenatal care for you and your baby include:

  • Reduce pregnancy complications
  • Monitor and control conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, to prevent increased risk to mother, fetus, and infant
  • Discuss your and your family’s health history to determine if any prenatal tests are needed
  • Discuss drug, alcohol, diet and folic acid intake to reduce birth defects
  • Evaluate medications taken to ensure safety to the fetus
  • Postpartum checkups to ensure your health and proper healing

Counseling services can also be provided without charge to you before placing your child for adoption and after placement of your child. During your pregnancy and after placement of your child, counseling is beneficial and critical.