Relative Adoption Legal Services

There are times when relatives are the best option for a child needing a safe, stable home and permanency. Relative adoption is also commonly called kinship adoption.

Who Is Eligible to Adopt?

In the State of Florida, relative adoption includes adoption by a sibling, grandparent, aunt, or uncle. A relative adoption can occur at the time a child is born or when a child is older and a parent cannot continue to adequately care for the child. In other situations, a child has been living with a relative for many years and the relative desires to provide the child with permanency by becoming his or her legal parent.

All relative adoptions are different. Some relative adoptions are simplified, especially when both parents consent to the adoption. Others can be more difficult because one parent will not consent, or his or her whereabouts are unknown. In most situations, all family members want what is best for the child; however, there may be differing ideas on how to achieve it. I can provide specialized legal advice and compassionate guidance in these situations.

Is a Home Study Required?

Florida statutes state that, unless ordered by the court, no home study, report, or recommendation is required when the minor is a close relative of one of the adoptive parents.

Benefits and Rights

Relative adoption:

  • Provides the relative with full legal parental rights of the child.
  • Reduces stigma and trauma of separation from family and parents.
  • Can be a more positive experience for a child due to familiarity and pre-existing relationships.
  • Increases an understanding of the child’s history, family dynamics, and the child’s needs.
  • Results in greater placement with siblings and connections to parents.
  • Offers respect for and maintaining of family traditions and culture.
  • Provides the most stable placement with the least behavioral, educational, and mental health problems.
  • Keeps children out of the foster care system.

How Much Does an Adoption Attorney Cost?

I work to make relative adoptions affordable. I charge flat legal fees for uncontested relative adoptions. I also accept credit cards for legal fees and am willing to work out payment plans when necessary.