ICPC and Interstate Adoption Legal Services

When birth parents and adoptive parents live in different states, the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) applies. The Compact is a uniform law that outlines the procedures for interstate placement and responsibilities of the parties involved in the transfer of a child from one state to another.

The ICPC has been enacted by all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. Virgin Islands. ICPC serves to ensure the provision of services and the protection of children. Annually, the transfer of about 3,000 children in and out of Florida is governed by the ICPC, which includes placement of children across state lines with their parents and relatives, in foster care and for adoption.

How Does ICPC Work with Interstate Adoptions?

In the case of adoption, ICPC also outlines a process for states to follow, so the adoptive placement complies with both states’ laws. Some state ICPC offices also have guidelines regarding how other states’ adoption laws are to be applied.

To prevent confusion and problems, it is important to know and understand which state’s laws will apply to the termination of parental rights. Due to different adoption laws in different states, ICPC cases often require an adoption attorney with ICPC experience in each state to be involved in the process. And until the ICPC requirements have been met and state approvals granted, a child may not travel from the sending state to the receiving state.

Our Services and Experience with Interstate Adoptions

I work with expectant mothers throughout the state of Florida and prospective adoptive parents throughout the United States. My staff and I are experienced with interstate adoptions and the ICPC process and requirements.

Because adoption laws are not uniform from state to state, it is critical to work with an attorney with specific interstate adoption experience. I will assist you in determining which state’s laws will apply and will coordinate with the Florida Interstate Compact Office, which is the central supervisor and clearing point responsible for interstate placements and compliance with the Florida statute for ICPC F.S. 409.401-405.