Private Florida Adoptions and Legal Services

Adoption is an important, life-changing choice. It is a legal and an emotional journey. Private Florida adoptions can be an easier experience when you have an attorney who walks with you every step of the way.

What Is Private Adoption?

In private adoption situations, the adoptive parents and expectant mother already know each other. They do not require the services of being matched by an agency. As a result, an attorney can facilitate the adoption rather than an agency. Typically, private adoptions are less costly for adoptive parents.

Our Services

Florida’s Adoption Law has changed and evolved in the last two decades, and the rules governing the process can be complex. I practice adoption law exclusively and am a Fellow of the prestigious Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys and Board Certified in adoption law by The Florida Bar.

I work with expectant parents throughout the state of Florida and prospective adoptive parents, including single and LGBT, throughout the United States. My staff and I are experienced with interstate adoptions and the ICPC process and requirements.

Our Approach to Private Florida Adoptions

My staff and I will guide you through your adoption journey with sensitivity and compassion. I will personally answer your questions and help you understand the laws governing private Florida adoptions. It is my philosophy that prospective adoptive parents should be encouraged to communicate frequently with their attorney and be kept up to date regarding their case.

Private adoption is a wonderful way to create or expand your family and working with an expert who specializes in adoption law will help your process to go more smoothly.