Does It Cost Anything to Place a Baby for Adoption in Florida?

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Does It Cost Anything to Place a Baby for Adoption in Florida?

Mar 7, 2020 | Birth Mother Resources | 0 comments

Many women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy wonder if the adoption process costs them money. The answer is an emphatic “No.” Adoption is entirely free for birth parents. Many birth mothers receive financial assistance throughout the pregnancy. In this article, we examine the types of financial support available to birth mothers who choose adoption in Florida.

Financial Assistance

In Florida, a pregnant woman who is making an adoption plan may receive financial assistance to help pay for reasonable living expenses. Birth mothers may receive financial support for the following:

  • Housing
  • Utilities
  • Food
  • Maternity clothes
  • Transportation

Who Pays for These Things?

Typically, these expenses are paid by the adoptive family. The funds are handled by an adoption attorney or agency. The adoption professional generally makes payments directly to the payee. For instance, they will pay your landlord directly for the rent owed. The adoptive family never gives money directly to birth parents. It is extremely important to understand and follow this procedure. It would be a violation of the law for a prospective adoptive family to pay a prospective birth parent directly.

Why Are Birth Mothers Given Financial Assistance?

Many women who choose adoption do so because they are struggling financially or are currently in an unstable living situation. Financial support may be provided to women in these situations to help ensure their safety, health, and well-being, as well as for the health and well-being of the unborn child. It is in everyone’s best interest to make sure the birth mother is healthy and safe.

Who Is Eligible to Receive Financial Support?

In Florida, a pregnant woman making an adoption plan may receive reasonable living expenses that she is unable to pay due to unemployment, underemployment, or disability. Each circumstance is evaluated to determine the birth mother’s needs and available assistance.

What About Medical Bills?

Birth mothers are not responsible for paying medical bills associated with pregnancy and delivery. Your adoption professional will help you apply for and receive government-funded insurance if you are eligible. If you have private insurance, the adoptive family will likely pay for your deductible and co-pays.  If you do not have insurance and are not eligible for government-funded insurance, the adoptive family will likely pay your medical bills out of pocket. Whatever the case, birth parents are not required to pay these bills. These medical bills include all prenatal care, the delivery and hospital stay.

When Can I Begin Receiving Financial Assistance?

In Florida, birth mothers can receive financial support as soon as they begin the adoption process; however, most attorneys or agencies will require that the birth mother be past her first trimester and matched with an adoptive family.

What If I am Homeless? Can You Help Me Find a Place to Live?

Absolutely. Your adoption professional will assist you in finding a stable living environment.

What If I Am Incarcerated? Can I Still Receive Financial Assistance?

In this scenario, you do not require living expenses. However, you may receive funds for other necessities not provided by the institution in which you reside.

Can the Birth Father Receive Financial Assistance?

If he lives with you, he may indirectly benefit from the support provided to you. However, there is no “financial compensation” given to birth parents for placing a child for adoption. In other words, birth parents cannot be “paid” for placing a child for adoption. Financial support is only allowed for reasonable living expenses for the birth mother and unborn child.

I Want to Place My Baby for Adoption in Florida. Where Do I Start?

The first step is to contact an adoption professional. Tammi Driver is an experienced, licensed adoption attorney serving birth parents and adoptive families in Florida. Send a message or call for immediate assistance at 727-800-6681.