How to Find the Best Adoption Attorney

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How to Find the Best Adoption Attorney

Feb 10, 2022 | Birth Mother Resources | 0 comments

How to Find the Best Adoption Attorney

As the saying goes, not every adoption attorney is created equal.  Based on the regulations of their presiding jurisdictions, they are all required to adhere to certain ethical obligations and provide some standard advice and representation.  But if you are saying, “I want to place my baby for adoption,” you are more than likely looking for more than just the bare minimum.  

Placing a child for adoption is a HUGE decision and the process along the way truly deserves the care and attention of not just an attorney who is protecting your rights, but one that cares and is devoted to the whole person (YOU!!).  

It is so common to think that adoption attorneys are adoption attorneys and it will all pretty much be the same.  There are some attorneys, like Tammi J. Driver, that go way beyond the standard advice and representation and actually CARE about you, the expectant mom, as well as your future, and your family, even years after your placement.  

There is no cost to expectant mothers for legal representation as it is paid for by the prospective adoptive parents.  Tammi J. Driver can represent you even if you are already working with an attorney or agency on an adoption plan but desire your own representation.

Here are some things that are a part of the above and beyond approach that Adoptions by Tammi Driver Law provides to expectant moms looking to place their child for adoption:

  1. We have teamed up with a private adoption agency that contracts with us to provide advocates to make sure you have additional emotional support during the entire process of your placement.  You have your own advocate who may helps with accessing social services, medical care, counseling, and housing.
  1. You have access to building a relationship with the person that will provide your post placement care much earlier in the process than in most cases with other attorneys.
  1. Very rarely do you have emergency access to the attorney representing you, but Tammi always provides her personal cell phone number to expectant moms that she represents to make sure they can get their questions answered and so they never feel alone.
  1. Tammi has experience as both a licensed mental health counselor and an adoption attorney, and as a result, she brings a fresh innovative and  holistic approach to legal representation in all facets of adoption. 
  1. Although not easy to quantify or even write, Tammi cares.  She really,  truly cares and puts her heart and soul into making sure that anyone she represents is receiving the highest level of attention and diligent representation.  

You might be at the point where you are facing an unexpected or unplanned pregnancy and are looking for options.  Tammi J. Driver is ready and willing to take her “anything but standard” approach to adoption representation and see how it may truly aid you in your placement journey.  Please call 727-800-6681 or click to chat today and see the difference at Adoptions by Tammi Driver Law.