Reasons Women Choose to Place a Child for Adoption

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Reasons Women Choose to Place a Child for Adoption

Jan 6, 2020 | Adoptive Family Resources | 0 comments

Every adoption is unique. There are many reasons birth parents choose this path. It is generally a combination of factors that lead to creating an adoption plan. In this article, we review the common reasons women place a child for adoption.


Raising a child is a costly endeavor. It is no surprise that money is one of the elements that lead people to make an adoption plan. It is estimated to cost an average of $230,000 to raise a child to the age of 18. Many women who choose adoption believe they would struggle to cover this cost and instead place the child with a family who has the financial means to care for the child.

Another financial factor is the medical cost associated with pregnancy and birth. Birth parents are not responsible for medical bills when they choose adoption. Plus, many birth parents receive financial assistance for living expenses during the pregnancy.


There are many reasons a woman may feel unprepared to parent. Perhaps she is too young or has life goals to complete before becoming a mother. She may have an unstable home life or feel she is emotionally and mentally unable to raise a child. If she lacks a support system of friends and family, she may determine that raising a child alone is too difficult.


Sometimes a woman’s past leads her to choose adoption. She wants her child to have a better life than she had. For instance, if she grew up with a single parent, she may want her baby to have a two-parent home. Perhaps she had few opportunities in her life and wants her child to have advantages that she did not.

Recent history also plays a role. A birth mother might be in a relationship with someone other than the baby’s father. The pregnancy could be a result of sexual assault. It’s also possible she already has children and feels her family is complete.

Religious or Moral Conflictions

The three unplanned pregnancy options are adoption, abortion and parenting. Some women select adoption because they have a religious or moral objection to abortion. They may also take pride in knowing they helped someone else create a family.


In some cases, a woman does not want certain people in her life to know about her unplanned pregnancy. Adoption offers a confidential solution.

Special Needs

Medical advances make it possible to detect some congenital disabilities and disorders during pregnancy. A birth mother may choose adoption if she thinks she cannot provide the extra care needed to raise a child with special needs.


Adoption offers a way for a woman to take control of her life and determine the outcome of her unexpected pregnancy. She can select the family to adopt her child and plan precisely how she wants her adoption journey to unfold. Occasionally, a family has an open case with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCF) and has the option to make an adoption plan for their new baby rather than having it enter the foster care system.

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