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Tips for Creating a Captivating Adoption Profile

Aug 20, 2020 | Adoptive Family Resources | 0 comments

Creating an adoption profile is an essential step in the process of being matched with a birth mother. This crucial document could make or break your ability to adopt quickly.

You should ensure that your adoption profile depicts your family as one that a birth mother will feel comfortable having her child grow up in. If you are unsure how to go about this, please consider the following tips.


Make it Personal 

When writing and creating your profile, be sure to speak to the birth mother directly. Show that you empathize with her situation and address any concerns you anticipate that she may have.  For a birth mother, placing her child for adoption will likely be the hardest choice she has ever had to make. If you can convey your respect and gratitude for her sacrifice, she may be more drawn to choosing your family for her child.

While it doesn’t hurt to mention your past and why your family is choosing adoption, it is unnecessary. Above all else, the birth mother wants to be able to envision her child’s future with your family. Therefore, the past is often not as relevant or helpful as showing the birth mother what life in your family will be like in the future after adoption.

If you are a couple, make sure that the letter uses collective pronouns like “we” to present a united front. Show that both of you are on the same page and wrote the letter together.


Carefully Curate Your Photographs

While adding a selfie or two to your profile is perfectly fine, be sure that you show a variety of aspects of your family’s life. Try showing a mix of special occasions, activities, and daily life. This way the birth mother can get a fuller picture of what her child’s life might be like in your family. 

Use photos that show your family having fun. You want your images to elicit a positive emotional response from the birth mother. She will not care if you look like a supermodel. Her top concern is that your home will be loving and supportive for her child.


Be Specific

While mentioning that you enjoy cooking is helpful information, you could make it much more intriguing by adding more detail. Instead, you might say that you enjoy cooking Italian recipes to celebrate your heritage and keep your grandmother’s legacy alive. The latter statement gives much more information about you and your values. 

The more that the birth mother feels that she knows about your family from the profile, the more comfortable she will be choosing your family to adopt her child.


Seek Professional Advice 

Following generic tips can be helpful, but it will never compare to personal advice from a professional in the field. 

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