What Is Included in an Adoption Plan?

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What Is Included in an Adoption Plan?

Feb 25, 2020 | Adoptive Family Resources | 0 comments

Creating an adoption plan is an important step for birth parents. It allows them to determine how they want their adoption journey to unfold. The adoption plan is not a set of irreversible guidelines. Instead, it is more like a road map, and the directions may change along the way. Here, we look at what type of information you will find in an adoption plan.

Post-Placement Contact

Birth parents decide how much contact, if any, they wish to have with the child and adoptive family after placement. Communication can vary widely from annual pictures and letters to visits. Detailing the degree of contact helps everyone involved understand the expectations for the future. All parties must agree to the terms outlined in this part of the adoption plan, as it will impact everyone’s lives long-term.

Choosing a Family

If a birth mother is not already matched with a family when we begin working with her, then we will assist her in finding a family with the characteristics she identifies as important. These may include race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, presence of siblings or state of residence, among others. The birth parents decide what characteristics are most important to them so that we can match them to the appropriate family.

Birth and Hospital Stay

The adoption plan covers precise instructions for how the birth mother wants the birth and hospital stay to occur. She determines who will be in the delivery room, when or if she wants to hold the baby, for how long, and when the baby will be handed over to the adoptive family. It is a crucial time for a birth mother, so her wishes should always be respected, even if they change at the moment. For instance, her adoption plan may indicate that she wants the adoptive family present in the delivery room; however, at the last minute, she changes her mind and wants to be alone during the birth. Adoptive families must prepare for plans to shift, as the birth mother has a right to make these changes.

Suggestions for Birth Parents

Take your time to create your adoption plan. It may be challenging to face the questions that need answers, but once it is complete, you can take comfort in knowing your adoption journey is your own. You are in control of your adoption, and your adoption plan is your opportunity to ensure it happens in the way you desire.

Suggestions for Adoptive Families

Understand that the adoption plan is flexible, and things may change. Do not panic when this happens. Just because a birth mother changes part of her adoption plan, it does not mean she has changed her mind about placing her child with your family. Be patient, understanding and respectful of her wishes.

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