Tips to Avoid the Dark Side of Adoption 

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Tips to Avoid the Dark Side of Adoption 

Jul 6, 2021 | Adoptive Family Resources, Birth Mother Resources | 0 comments

Tips to Avoid the Dark Side of Adoption 

Sometimes the things that can be most beautiful and life giving can also be dark and harmful in the hands and control of the greedy and self-serving.  Unfortunately, private adoption has recently made headlines and received more negative attention than usual.  

June 3rd, Time Magazine wrote an expośe on “Baby Brokers” and the “murky side of the private adoption industry.”  The unethical, and at times illegal, practices alleged in the article are disconcerting and unsettling to say the least.  The types of practices alleged are harmful at every level for adoptive parents, the child, the birth parents and all of those involved in trying to guide and facilitate private adoptions.  Navigating an adoption for birth parents and adoptive parents can be extremely confusing in this age of the internet and social media.  Each state has its own adoption laws, and the regulation and licensing of adoption professionals is also determined by each state.  At Tammi Driver Law, we believe many of the alleged unethical practices and moral pitfalls can be avoided by prospective adoptive parents and birth parents by seeking out information from a reliable source in their own state. A licensed attorney experienced in adoption can explain your state’s adoption laws, what laws govern when parties involved in an adoption live in different states, and can also guide you to professionals who are ethical, and regulated or licensed.   

Prospective Adoptive Parent(s)

If you think mortgage paperwork is overwhelming, you are going to be shocked at what you are usually asked to “read” and sign.  If deciphering legal jargon is not one of your favorite pastimes, you are going to benefit greatly from having an adoption attorney break it down and share with you the risks and contractual obligations that you are accepting and agreeing to.

In addition, private adoption involves other human beings and usually requires a tremendous amount of patience, knowledge, and nuance.  Tammi Driver Law offers full service consulting and representation to help you navigate every step of the adoption journey.  Tammi recommends a consultation before beginning the process at any level.  She has experience as a LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) counseling expectant moms, and she was the director of legal services and the executive director of two of the largest adoption agencies in the state of Florida.  Her credentials as an advocate, counselor, consultant, and attorney are extremely rare, and adoptive parents love her attention to detail and her accessibility.  Tammi typically gives her cell phone number to adoptive parents and birth parents because she puts her heart and soul into making sure that adoptions are a positive and ethical experience for all.

If you are a prospective adoptive parent or are in the process of adoption at any level and are in need of some help and guidance, please reach out to Tammi Driver’s law office and schedule an appointment.

Birth Moms and Birth Parents

Birth moms should only place their child for adoption voluntarily and of their own free will.  They should never be threatened or coerced into making such a decision, and should never be made to believe that they do not have a choice.  Agencies may use language with birth moms that is still be legal but creates enormous pressure to follow through with the placement of their child.  Birth parents have rights and they should know what those rights are and how to assert them.  Tammi Driver has counseled, advocated for, consulted with and legally represented countless numbers of birth moms in her years as a licensed attorney and counselor.

Tammi offers not just legal representation to make sure that you are protected from unethical or illegal practices, but she also offers advice and guidance to help make you aware of possible unethical or coercive practices. She is a phone call away and is ready to answer your questions at any stage of your adoption.  

Whether you are a birth mom or prospective adoptive parent, you can benefit from having someone who cares and has the education and experience to guide you in your adoption experience. 

Tammi Driver Law offers compassionate guidance, advice, and legal representation in Florida and is accepting new clients right now.  Give yourself peace of mind by knowing that someone has your back in your adoption journey.   Contact us HERE or call us today at 727-800-6681.